Friday, December 3, 2010

And that's what we call a good week.

Been running around a little this week.

I'm at the point where I really want to start getting my work out there. Sometimes artist debate too long or put things on the back burner. I decided to not second guess myself this week and start dropping emails.

Needless to say this week I got on some amazing sites that I love and check out regularly.

First off a big up to CGUNIT. I go to this site to check out all sorts of work by both artist I know and love, to finding new talent.

Next was I'm not even going to get into how great this site is. Just check it out.

And I finally got on over at OMGposters. Almost any print I've ever purchased, I learned about through this site. I've been a fan and commenter for years now.

Due to these 3 sites, I got mentioned on dozens of some including WhoKilledBambi and Nothingtonobody

My computer is my friend.

On other news, gearing up for a show in Utica. Getting Screenprints situated and creating a bunch of new art.

Oh and meeting with a new printer in just a few minutes. I'll be able to print on.....CANVAS!

Rock and Rule.

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